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Europe River Cruises

When you step onto a Europe River Cruise with Avalon Waterways, your breath will be taken away by the magic that separates you from everyday life on dry land. You'll glide past imposing medieval castles, lush riverbank vineyards, and remarkable ancient wonders on your European river cruise. Every gentle bend of the river reveals another fascinating sight as your luxurious river cruise ship winds its way through scenic landscapes, delivering you right to where many of Europe's most celebrated cities were born.

Danube River Cruises  Rhine River Cruises
Main River Cruises
With a variety of food, architecture, history and languages the lyrical Danube river is the vital lifeline that pulses through the heart of Central and Eastern Europe. 
As it winds through castle-dotted hillsides, dramatic rocky gorges and picturesque Old World villages, the Rhine River is the essence of romance. Taking the scenic route to the North Sea, fortressed and castles along the Rhone’s embankments highlight the value ancient empires placed on these waters. 

A marvel of modern engineering, the Main-Danube canal stretches for a length of 106 miles from Bamberg to Regensburg, making it possible to travel via river cruise shop from the North Sea to the Black Sea.

Moselle River Cruises  Seine River Cruises  Rhone & Saone River Cruises
Flowing 546 km through France, Luxembourg and Germany, the Moselle River known for its vineyard lined banks. The Moselle flows through Germany’s third largest wine region in terms of production but first in terms of international prestige. 

Characterised as the second longest river in France after the Loire, the Seine river extends a length of 776 kilometres before discharging to the English Channel. The city of Paris finds its own reflections in the Seine mirror like waters & for centuries poets, painters and architects have understood this powerful attraction. 

A river of Switzerland and France, the Rhone river is one of the larger rivers of Europe. Beginning at the Glacier, high in the Swiss Alps and flowing westerly into France at the city of Geneva, the Rhone is a primary transportation route flowed by major railways and roads.